Motivating Change

with Our Keynote Presentations

Are you seeking an exceptional keynote speaker who will captivate, entertain, and leave your audience craving more?

Do you want to make your event an occasion people look forward to attending, an experience that truly impacts their lives?

Look no further; you're in the right hands with Emil

Experience Matters

With over two decades of experience, Emil is a consummate professional who delivers like a gem. His presentations pack a punch, and his delivery is truly "world-class."

The Irresistible Power of Emil's Words

His captivating personality and presentation style have earned him frequent invitations to local TV talk shows and morning programs. He even made an appearance on the Ricki Lake show alongside the legendary NBA All-Star, Antoine Walker.

A Journey Rooted in Transformation

Emil's journey to the stage as a keynote speaker was not his life mission from the start.

After graduating from Utah State University in 1999 as a marriage and family therapist, Emil was disheartened by the lack of effective strategies available to address relational conflict.

Realizing the profound impact of conflict on people's lives, he committed himself to finding solutions that would help individuals navigate disagreements constructively in the real world.

Embrace the opportunity to have Emil as your keynote speaker and transform your event into an unforgettable experience.