Get to know the man behind the mission, the experiences that have shaped him, and the passion that fuels his dedication to improving relationships.

Mastering Conflict in the CORPORATE ARENA

Emil Harker, renowned for his influential contributions to turning conflict into closeness in high conflict relationships has been sharing these breakthrough ideas in the corporate world.

In his latest endeavor, the writing of "Confidence in Conflict," Emil leverages his expertise to address and manage conflict within corporate settings.

For years Emil's dedication to unlocking the secrets to harvest breakthroughs from conflict has contributed to his deep understanding of human interaction to effectively resolve conflicts in a variety of environments.

Emil’s Professional EVOLUTION

Emil Harker's professional trajectory has seamlessly transitioned from a primary focus on individual and relational therapy to a mastery of corporate conflict resolution. 

This shift, spanning over a decade, was inspired by the insights of his executive clients, who recognized the applicability of his conflict management skills in the corporate realm. 

Their foresight opened the door for Emil to reshape and expand his therapeutic expertise to meet the nuanced needs of corporate teams and employees.

His extensive experience managing high-conflict situations and expertise in change dynamics has become a cornerstone in his role as a corporate trainer.

He has adeptly transferred his skills to the corporate world, providing tailored training programs and keynote speeches designed to empower HR Directors, Executives, and team leaders with effective conflict management strategies.
Today, Emil Harker is a leading figure in conflict management training, renowned for transforming high-stakes corporate interactions into opportunities for growth and connection.


Living and working in Davis County, Utah, Emil's two decades of experience in dealing with change and conflict have made him an essential asset to the mental health field and the corporate sector. 
He continues to inspire and educate through engaging workshops, unforgettable presentations, and his unique approach to converting conflict into constructive dialogue and building stronger, more cohesive teams and organizations.

Ready to reshape the way your team handles conflict?

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