Client Success Stories

Through years of dedicated service and a deep understanding of change dynamics and high-conflict resolution, Emil has had the privilege of working with diverse clients, each with their unique stories and challenges.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Emil's principles and program "Confidence In Conflict" is a must have training program for any company no matter how large or small. He is able to take complex situations and simplify them in a way that seems like magic. Former Chief People Officer for Heinz and Vista Outdoors.

- Steve Clark, CHRO, Lear Int'l

Over the years, we have faced significant challenges within, and between departments of our company that have sapped morale and effectiveness. The principles and practices of what Emil teaches, exceeded our expectations and dramatically improved the way our teams function because of the change in mindset and skills that our people now have. Our people are more able to bring out the best talent because they are now equipped to solve issues without resorting to contention. Our people's attitude of accountability, collaboration, and sense of responsibility has changed, even as they bring out their unique differences and skill sets. If you are looking for training that has an immediate, noticeable, and meaningful impact, please invite Emil Harker to come and share his insights on transformative, fun, and interactive training. You'll be glad you did.

- Kurt Deams, CEO, Edge Eyewear

We have had Emil come back to our company and reinforce his message several times over the years. His practical and engaging messages move our people from laughter to tears. The principles and strategies he teaches are transformational for our business and impact all-important relationships. We use phrases like "Assuming Good Intention" and "Don't Step in the hole," among many others. I love the impact his training makes, and my employees look forward to the training when they know Emil is coming.

- Mark Holland, CEO, Ascend Staffing

Emil's training not only makes a huge difference in our bottom line he makes going to work for our employees something they look forward to. After Emil's training we have had immediate success in situations the workplace and in the home-life of our employees.

- Mark Kramer, CEO, SME-USA